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Welcome to Cardinal Counselling's Blog 

What are your priorities? by Joy Lang, MSW, RSW 

I've been thinking about priorities recently and whether my actions match my thoughts.  For example, if you ask what my priorities are I would say family, friends and working hard.  What do my actions say though?  My actions suggest that work is my top priority, with time spent with family and friends lagging far behind.  How does that happen?  The simplest explanation would seem to be that often the activity that is most demanding gets the most attention.  Although I enjoy my time with family and friends, work is far more pressing much of the time.  What happens when your priorites do not match up with your actions? Apart from the obvious annoyance that my family and friends may feel, another consequence is that I become tired, overwhelmed and less satisfied with life.  How can you solve this issue? My first step is often to take a little time to evaluate both what I think my priorities should be, and what my actions suggest.  From there, I can decide if there are reasons I need to keep on doing things the same way or if I need to start to plan ways of shifting my actions to better reflect what I want to prioritize.  

Are you struggling with balance? Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to meet with someone to discuss how to rebalance your life.


Stepping out of the Comfort Zone, by Joy Lang, MSW, RSW

How often have I suggested to a client in the course of a therapy session that they try something new, to take some risks and not be afraid of possible failure? It is definitely time for me to take my own advice, thus my very first blog post.  I'm a worrier by nature and I often consider all that can go wrong; my spelling could be terrible, my writing boring, people might actually read what I write.  Yet here I am, trying something new, something particularly scary for someone who does not have a great relationship with technology.  Why do I suggest taking risks to other people, and why am I trying to take my own advice?  It is because life can become stale quickly if you never try anything new.  It becomes too safe, and it becomes too terrifying to imagine doing something different.  Very infrequently are the things that that we worry about actually the things that happen.  It is the "stuff" that we didn't see coming that can knock us sideways.  Being able to step outside of your comfort zone helps you to foster resilience and confidence. It helps to be able to say to yourself "I can take risks and I can survive".  I'm certainly not planning to go sky diving to pet a tarantula any time soon, but I can promise myself that I will try new things, such as blogging.

If part of stepping out of your comfort zone means deciding to talk to a counsellor, we are here to help.  Don't be afraid to contact us.


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