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Cardinal Counselling

Smiling Couple

Couples Therapy

Many couples experience times where there is stress in their relationship and they feel disconnected from each other and unsure about their future.  This can stem from issues such as communication problems, external stresses (like family and friends), different priorities, financial difficulties, parenting and infidelity.​


Couple counselling can help you to improve your communication skills and to find healthier ways of supporting each other, both in good times and difficult times.​There are also times when a relationship is no longer working for either partner and they are considering separating. 


Counselling can be helpful to ensure that both individuals have an opportunity to work through their issues related to the relationship, and can also help parents remain focused on the needs of their children during this difficult time.​


Appointments are available during the day or evening, and typically are one hour in duration.Please call (519) 746-9062 to arrange an appointment or to request further information about whether or not this service would help you.

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